Meet The People's Slate - Our 2022 Candidates

People’s Action is endorsing more than 100 local, county, state and federal candidates for the 2022 general election.

These endorsements are part of a People’s Action strategy to build people power and elect movement champions who will co-govern with our working-class members.

These candidates join the hundreds of People’s Action-endorsed candidates who are already serving in office at every level of government. 

There’s a whole set of rising stars on this list.  All are essential to winning real change in every neighborhood in the country.

Each candidate is endorsed by one or more organizations that are part of People’s Action’s national network of 38 affiliate groups in 28 states.

“People’s Slate candidates come from the multiracial working class, and will fight for our members, not greedy elites,” says Marta Popadiak, People’s Action’s Interim Deputy Director of Movement Politics. 

The People’s Slate is just a taste of the 378 races in which People’s Action members are throwing down during the 2022 cycle.

These candidates run movement-politics, people-powered campaigns and will work to advance the People’s Platform once in office. 

All across the country, People’s Action members and candidates are reaching out across race, place and background to build a bigger ‘we,’ with our Long-Term Agenda in mind.

“We’re proud to back candidates who are building a people’s movement, instead of a personal brand or doing the bidding of rich corporations,” says Popadiak. 


Mark Pinsley,

State Senate District 16

Vito Malacari,

State House District 119

Fern Leard,

State House District 120

Meg Rosenfeld,

State House District 139

Mark Temons,

State House District 98

Ismail Smith-Wade-El,

State House District 49

Chris Rabb,

State House District 200

Rick Krajewski,

State House District 188

Elizabeth Fiedler,

State House District 184

Roni Green,

State House District 190

Tarik Khan,

State House District 194

Ben Waxman,

State House District 182

Shamaine Daniels,

U.S. Congress, PA-10

Sara Agerton,

State House District 88

Patty Kim,

State House District 103

Justin Fleming,

State House District 105


Mandela Barnes,

United States Senate

Sara Rodriguez,

Lieutenant Governor

Brad Pfaff, U.S. Congress,

District 3


Jessica Katzenmeyer,

State Senate, District 05

Chris Larson,

State Senate, District 7

Jeff Smith,

State Senate, District 31

Renee Gasch, State Assembly,

District 2

Darrin Madison, 

State Assembly, District 10

Leah Spicer, 

State Assembly, District 51

Lee Snodgrass, 

State Assembly, District 57

Kristin Conway, 

State Assembly, District 85

Kristina Shelton, 

State Assembly, District 90

Alison Page, 

State Assembly, District 93

Steve Doyle, 

State Assembly, District 84

Jane Swiggum, 

State Assembly, District 96

Kelly Westlund, 

State Senate, District 25

Dan Larsen, 

State Assembly, District 60

LuAnn Bird, 

State Assembly, District 84

Ryan Clancy, 

State Assembly, District 19

Nathan Jurowski, 

State Assembly, District 21

Hannah Beauchamp-Pope,

State Assembly, District 88

Laura Gapske,

State Assembly, District 73

Francesca Hong,

State Assembly, District 76

Criste Greening,

State Assembly, District 72

Elizabeth “Buffy” Riley,

State Assembly, District 87