Talking with lawmakers. Speaking with the media. Researching policies that affect our communities. Discussing our issues and values with neighbors. Holding a protest.

Movements depend on people who feel responsible for our world and are determined to fight for change. Our leadership development program helps people like you build the confidence, support network, and skills to win that change.

Our leadership development program also provides tools for analyzing the forces that shape our world. How have corporations expanded their power, and how can we challenge that power? How do racism and sexism operate in our society and affect people’s lives? What would a just, democratic economy look like?

By exploring questions like these, we create a shared vision of the world we’re fighting to build. We also see how much we have in common with each other. And we sharpen our understanding of the task before us so we can expand our ambitions.

“A great opportunity to understand how power works, how to build it, and concrete steps to call into being a better world.”

— Michael Collins, Illinois