We are AD 51 People’s Action Slate for ADEM — activists, advocates, educators, students, organizers, environmentalists, and workers who stand for progressive values and champion economic, racial, social and environmental justice for all.

With your vote, we can be a voice for fundamental change within the Democratic Party as your Assembly District Delegates.

Request your mail-in-ballot by January 11, 2021 by registering to vote online. You will get a confirmation email with a Voter Registration ID number  — save this number, as your Voter Registration ID number is required when you fill in your ballot. Mail in your ballot by January 23, 2021 so that it is received by January 27, 2021.



Chinatown | City Terrace | Cypress Park | Eagle Rock | East Los Angeles | Echo Park | El Sereno | Edendale | parts of Elysian Valley | Glassell Park | Highland Park | Lincoln Heights | Montecito Heights | Monterey Hills | Mount Washington | parts of Pico Union | parts of Silver Lake

We acknowledge that AD 51 is located on Chumash, Kizh, and Tongva land, and the indigenous peoples and traditional caretakers of these regions; furthermore, we recognize the continuing struggles of indigenous folx against colonialism, erasure, and non-indigenous residents who benefit from the impact of settler-colonialism.


AD 51 People’s Action is committed to equity, diversity, equality, justice, environmentalism, and workers’ rights. We think it’s time the Democratic Party listens to us — and values what we have to say. We are running as proud progressives to represent and fight for our communities and our district, and impact change from the inside.

We are unbought and unbeholden to any interests, entities, or elected officials — and once elected, we pledge to endorse and vote for candidates within the Democratic Party who can proudly state the same. We pledge not to support any candidate who accepts donations from police unions, real estate developers, or the fossil fuel industry.


Medicare for All | Green New Deal | Election Finance Reform | Abolish ICE | Criminal Justice Reform | Defund the Police | Black Lives Matter | Living Wage | Workers’ Rights | Homes Guarantee | Voter Rights | Fully Funded Public Schools | Tuition-Free College | Cancel Student Debt| Affordable Housing & Rent Control | Public Bank | Immigration Amnesty for All | Dismantle Military Industrial Complex


Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) are biannual caucuses* where each Assembly District elects fourteen delegates to represent their district in the State Democratic Party Conventions and Executive Meetings. These delegates make up roughly one-third of the 3300 total Democratic Party Delegates, and are supposed to represent their community’s interests.

Voting progressives into the State Party is an important way to make change from inside the party. Delegates vote on party leadership, the party platform, and local/statewide endorsements. 

Here in AD51, we need working people who are members of the community to represent our interests and bring new and fresh voices to the party.

How to Vote

  1. Request your mail-in-ballot by January 11, 2021 by registering to vote at bit.ly/AD51. You will not receive a mail-in ballot unless you fill out the form!
  2. You will get an email with a Voter Registration ID number  — save this number! 
  3. When your mail-in ballot arrives, be sure to fill in your Voter Registration ID number on the ballot.
  4. Please vote for all 14 candidates in our slate.
  5. Mail in your ballot by January 23, 2021 so that it is received by January 27, 2021.

*Due to Covid-19, ADEMs will be conducted by mail this year. 

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

– Alice Walker


Abby Austin

Climate Activist – Highland Park – She/Her

I’m a community organizer, a youth climate activist, and a renter in Highland Park. The 2016 election was the first I could legally vote in, and Bernie Sanders’ run catalyzed me into political action. I will fight for progressive policies like a Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and campaign finance reform. I recognize that it’s about a movement, not any one candidate. As a delegate, I will always put the needs of my community first. Corporate money has no place in politics and I am dedicated to ensuring that the Democratic party of California fights to help its constituents and not its biggest donors.

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Lauren Buisson

Organizer, DSA, Echo Park Neighborhood Council – Echo Park – She/They

I am a third-generation unionist who has watched with horror as right-to-work-for-less laws have decimated labor protections and eroded the standard of living that our parents and grand-parents bequeathed to us through their hard work and sacrifice. The instability of the gig economy without reliable wages, job protections or benefits, and a speculative real estate market, that has put even adequate rental housing out of reach for working families, are an existential threat to our democracy. I’m running because our only way through this and future economic crises requires robust public investment in social housing and transportation. As a member of DSA and the L.A. Tenants’ Union I know that stable, affordable housing must be our top policy priority. Housing is healthcare. The dividends derived from investing in Californians rather than corporations, will provide stable housing, reduce car dependency, curb pollution, decrease environmentally driven health problems and yield cost savings that can be allocated for state contributions towards making universal medical care a reality.

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Victor Frias

Special Education Teacher, Community Organizer, UTLA Chapter Chair, DSA-LA Member, Bernie 2020 Delegate – East LA – He/Him

I was born & raised in East Los Angeles. I’m a Special Education Teacher with LAUSD & the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) Chapter Chair at my school. I’m a community organizer fighting for educational & environmental justice – specifically in addressing the lack of charter school accountability & toxic land in Southeast LA. As a Bernie 2020 Delegate, I pushed for progressive candidates and policies within the Democratic Party. I will focus on issues affecting our community – affordable housing, healthcare for all, immigration amnesty, & unregulated charter school growth. In Los Angeles, grassroots organizing is key in order to improve quality of life for all residents.

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Phillip Iglauer

Small Business Owner/Operator – Eagle Rock – He/Him

I’m a “Berniecrat” to my core. Former Journalist, Current Gourmet Cookie Baker & Street Vendor, Husband & Primary Caregiver to my 93 year old dad. I’m asking for your vote so I can do my part to get progressive populists & Berniecrats elected to state party positions. I want to build a CADP that’s proud to yell from the rooftops. We need fresh blood. We gotta’ hold state party leaders accountable. I was a journalist in South Korea for 20 years. Now I’m the primary caregiver to my 93 year old dad. I operate two businesses, too. I bake and sell gourmet cookies online & on the streets. I’ve won a neighborhood council election twice from 2009-2012. I’ve competed and won in a district delegate election (2011-2012). I’ve filed multiple complaints to LA City Council and LA Dept. of Building & Safety multiple times over gentrification issues.

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Carolyn “Jiyoung” Park

Attorney, Activist – Silverlake – She/Her

I am a second generation Korean American labor and civil rights attorney and lifelong activist, who has fought for justice on behalf of workers, immigrants, and protesters. I volunteered with the Bernie Sanders campaign, and created a jail support project in Los Angeles at the height of the protests following the murder of George Floyd. Fundamental transformation of our government in order to serve ALL people, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, immigration status, or wealth, is my priority. Our systems have failed us – it’s time to imagine and create new ones. 

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Eric Pierce

Social Worker – Silverlake – He/Him

My name is Eric Pierce.  I am a gay man, a member of the National Union of Healthcare Workers, medical social worker.  I am a proud lifelong resident of Assembly District 51.  I’m a member of Democratic Socialist of America and was a volunteer for the Bernie Campaign.  I see how the people in the 51st District are hurting.  If I get the opportunity to serve as an A Dem, I pledge to fight for Medicare For All in California, a Green New Deal for California, justice for BIPOC community, housing for all. I ask for your support. Thank You.

*Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Amanda Miguel Staples

Health Equity Advocate, Community Organizer, Coalition Builder – Mount Washington – She/Her

I am a health equity advocate, a renter in Mt. Washington, and a Latinx millennial passionate about civic engagement. From working to hold Exide accountable through State legislation to fighting to include undocumented and mixed status families in LA County’s CARES Act funding, I am an experienced community organizer and public policy advocate. I serve on LA County’s Community Prevention and Population Health Task Force and was a leader with Angelenos Organizing for Education. My experience community building as well as policy and advocacy fuel my passion to share our greatest tool to fight inequity with people power.

*Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Selene Betancourt

Reproductive Justice Organizer, StudentHighland Park – She/Her

I’m a Reproductive Justice advocate, Latina millennial, and renter in Highland Park. I’m passionate about health equity and I’m transitioning into a career in public policy to directly tackle the faults in our healthcare systems. As a member of NARAL Pro-Choice California, I lobbied for legislation that increased access to abortion on CSU/UC campuses, expanded paid family leave, and addressed the alarming rates of maternal mortality among Black women. As a delegate, I will continue to fight for progressive values. Together we can push the Democratic Party to seriously enact bold changes that will bring racial, economic, environmental, and social justice for all Californians.

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Hayley Coupon

Communications Director, Women’s Rights AdvocateGlassell Park – She/Her

I deeply believe in collective, local power and in progressive solutions to the issues impacting our communities. As a Communications Director, I work on sustainability, social impact, and women’s rights initiatives, and I’m an active member of DSA and the Glassell Park community. I’m passionate about workers’ rights; women’s rights; Medicare for All; addressing the urgent climate crises we face; and building an intersectional, feminist future. I believe that a budget is a moral document and a statement of priorities — and so far, our party’s priorities are misaligned with the needs and fundamental rights of the people. I pledge to be an authentic progressive voice fighting for environmental, social, and economic justice.

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

Jeremy Gray

Filmmaker – Glassell Park – He/Him

As a filmmaker and photographer, I pride myself in looking for stories with a post-colonial framing. It’s important for me to seek out perspectives from people in the margins, and narratives that question American power structures. I served as a Super Volunteer for the Bernie Sanders campaign. I do work with The Future Left and the Democratic Socialists of America.  Most recently, I was an editor on The Future Left’s short documentary Who Do You Protect? about the murder of Daniel Hernandez by LAPD and the role of police unions in LA city politics. My key issues are: getting money out of politics, ensuring housing for all, and defunding LAPD.

Yolanda Nogueira

Small Business/Art Gallery Owner, Community OrganizerHighland Park – She/Her

I was born in Los Angeles raised in Northeast LA. I produce many of Highland Park’s events throughout Northeast LA., I am Director/Producer of the Northeast LA Christmas Parade and Northeast LA Veterans Parade, President of the Highland Park Chamber of Commerce, owner of Avenue 50 Studio “Satellite Gallery” for local students, Assemblymember Jimmy Gomez AD51 Woman Of The Year 2017-2018, CA AD51 Democratic State Central Committee Delegate 2017-2109, Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council as Director of Outreach, Homelessness/Housing and Beautification. Founder of Bernie Sanders Grassroots Volunteer Office, Member of The Eagle Rock Women’s Twentieth Century Club, Advocate for creating York Park in Highland Park, Creator of El Mercado Arts & Crafts Festival, Creator of “Day of Compassion”- Homeless Resource Directory specifically created for our brothers and sisters suffering from homelessness. This is why I am running- areas of Northeast LA are changing rapidly and it’s extremely important the party include the grassroots voices to prioritize the issues facing our residents. This is an integral part of my efforts, focused on the betterment of our Los Angeles community and neighborhoods. 

Ismael Parra

Handyman, Songwriter, ActivistEast LA – He/Him

I am Chairperson of the SoCal  National Writers Union chapter. I volunteered in Labor for Bernie and feel everyone should have a job at union wages and benefits. Climate change is real and dangerous and our military budget, which is more than half of our national budget, needs to be cut and the funds used for people’s needs such as public health care for anyone living in the USA, free education preschool through college for all, cancelling of college debt, housing, pandemic relief and prosecuting police involved shootings. 

Ezra Pugh

Bernie 2020 Delegate, DSA LA Treasurer 2019 – Echo Park – He/Him

I am a life-long Angelino. Grassroots organizing is a passion of mine – this year I was elected to be a delegate for the Bernie Sanders campaign to the DNC, I am an active DSA LA member where I was treasurer of the chapter in 2019, and I was treasurer of Our Revolution LA in 2018. Trump lost the election, but our work is just beginning. Progressives like us must keep making our voices heard within the party. We need Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and we must keep fighting for racial and economic justice for all Californians!

*Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network

José Gama Vargas

City Tree Worker, Tenant Organizer – Lincoln Heights – He/Him

I am LA born and son of working class immigrants. My day job is to bring more trees to our communities. Trees clean the air, fight climate change and improve our health. That’s why I love doing it. When I’m not working, I organize with my neighbors in Lincoln Heights against greedy real estate companies so we can stay in our loving homes. The Democratic Party isn’t doing enough to prevent climate change, protect immigrant communities or keep our people housed.  Let’s create a world we want to live in, together. Join us in bringing new life to the Democratic Party. 

* Endorsed by Progressive Delegates Network


We are endorsed by:

Maebe A. Girl 


Silver Lake Neighborhood Councilwoman, Former Candidate in California’s 28th Congressional District


Daniel Lee

Culver City Vice Mayor, Candidate for California State Senate District 30


Scarlet Peralta

City of Montebello Council Member 




The deadline for your voter registration is January 11, 2021.


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