Who We Are

Hsing I Bird (she/her)

Activist, KPFK Board, Echo Park Neighborhood Council

The Occupy and NoDAPL movements taught me the shared struggles of the people and helped shape my political views to stand up for our rights to access clean water/soil/air, shelter, education, a municipal wireless network, and universal healthcare. Under the current divisive political climate, we must continue to build towards a more empathetic and compassionate global community. I believe to take back the power of the people, we need to demand that money be taken out of politics and that our elected officials be held accountable. Currently, I serve on the local boards of public radio KPFK and Echo Park Neighborhood Council and, if elected, I will use my experiences to continue representing our community of the many and not the few. #PeaceNotWar #GreenNewDeal #MniWiconi

Lauren Buisson (she/her)

Organizer, Activist, Agitator, Echo Park Neighborhood Council, Teamster, Local 2010

Recent unsavory events within the California Democratic Party have a silver lining: we now have an opportunity to reflect deeply on the future of our party, and the issues and values we want to champion. I am running for AD-51 delegate to build a future party that is representative of the voters on which it relies. All of them. I am running to engage not just my fellow activists but the disenchanted who feel unheard by party cronies because they have been. Women of color who feel that their votes are taken for granted because they have been. And for the LGBTQ community, especially are youth, who feel that their civil rights are too frequently subject to hostile political challenges because they are. The great intersectional civil rights leader Bayard Rustin said: “We are all in this together and if we don’t know it we will learn it the hard way. Unless we seize the opportunity within the leadership crisis of our party to build genuine intersectional advocacy we will collectively face a hard way that will do far more damage to us than any scandal. I am unafraid to confront the challenge of building a truly representative state party as an exemplar to other state parties–one that is built from the grass roots up and not from the wealthy donors down. If elected I will represent as I demand to be represented: seen, heard, respected, valued and prioritized. These are my values. This is why I run. If elected, it is how I will serve. I would be honored to represent AD-51. I humbly ask for your vote. 

Jessica Ceballos y Campbell (she/they)

 Interdisciplinary Teaching Artist & Curator, Housing Advocate, Community Organizer 

At this very moment in time we’re witnessing a cultural transformation within this party, to one that’s more reflective of the values that are at the center of every major city in the United States, and in every home across the areas of the country that have had to tolerate racism, classism, xenophobia, and bigotry for far too-long. We’re witnessing a revolution led by women of color, by immigrants, registered voters from diverse faiths. Now more than ever is when the Democratic Party needs to hear our voices so that this growing number of progressive voters do not walk to the polls in vein. I’m running for my parents, my grandparents, my neighbors, for my child, and for yours.

Northeast L.Á. raised, I’m a multidisciplinary artist, writer, activist, granddaughter of an Indigenous Californian, daughter of Mexican immigrants. I have over 20 years of experience working as a curator and facilitator of interdisciplinary programming that seeks to strengthen community through exchange of dialogue.

As a volunteer, I’m a co-organizer with the northeast L.Á. chapter of the L.Á. Tenants Union. I’ve served on the Highland Park Neighborhood Council where I supported policy that prioritized community sustainability over profit, where I fought to stop the displacement of low-income residents, and where I continue to stand with the community in their concern over a concentration of alcohol licenses. In 2015 I was awarded a WESTAF Emerging Leaders of Color fellowship where I gained skills to better advocate for racial and economic equity in the arts. In 2016 I was selected as an Arts for LA ACTIVATE Cultural Policy fellow where I began development on a data project that aims to bridge policy and the arts by highlighting the existing ways L.Á. artists of color participate in aspects of civic engagement, inspired by my commitment to learning new ways assets and resources can be shared across communities of color. I was recognized by the State of Alaska for my work with at-risk youth while serving as an AmeriCorps member, the California State Assembly, the LA County Board of Supervisors, and LA Council Districts 1, 14 & 13 for my work in the community.

I’m interested in
• Housing and tenants’ rights
• Child welfare and foster system reform (as a former foster child, and current foster parent)
• Equity in the arts
• Environmental justice in communities of color

Yolanda Nogueira (she/her)

Community Activist/Leader/Organizer, Founder of Northeast LA Bernie Sanders Volunteer Office

Lovely Los Angeles is where I was born and raised. I’ve seen the transformation within our neighborhoods, heard their issues and seen their struggles. I’ve signed over 1000 petitions, canvassed many neighborhoods and registered voters.

As a community leader, activist and current CA AD51 Delegate, I’ve worked with many elected officials to assist my community, it has roused me to revamp my office into a resource center and continue the fight for:

Climate Change
Social Justice
Low Income Housing
Animal Cruelty
Single-Payer Healthcare
Protecting Our Oceans and Inhabitants
Protecting Our Environment
Money Out Of Politics

I am currently on the board of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council, my committees – Beautification, Outreach, Homelessness/Housing and Film Liaison.
Highland Park Chamber of Commerce Outreach Chair, Director Annual Northeast LA Christmas Parade and Veterans Parade, Founder of El Mercado Arts & Crafts Fair for local struggling artist, Avenue 50 Studio Satellite Gallery, Assembly member Jimmy Gomez AD51 Woman of the Year 2017-2018, and The Bernie Sanders Highland Park Volunteer Office. Would be an honor to continue the good work in AD51. Thank you!

Jeanine Rohn (she/her)

Filmmaker/ Activist, Small Business Owner, Educator (DGA; PGA union/guild)

I’m honored to have served as one of your ADEM delegate these past 2 years. I’ve been a registered Democrat for over 35 years, I’ve been a resident in AD51 for 25 of those years Ð Echo Park; Westlake/ Pico; Atwater; Lincoln Heights and now Glassell Park. I was inspired by Senator Sanders in 2015 and ran the canvassing out of his Highland Park office in 2016. Those ideals of Healthcare as a Human Right; Big Money out of Politics; Racial Justice and a Living Wage rang true in all areas of 51. I know that because we pushed ourselves to canvass for his ideals in all areas of 51 and the results of that election showed – AD51 is truly a district of these progressive ideals.

I’ve tried my best to carry your energy and desire for action and change into our CA State Party. I have passionately throwing myself into the process of the LA Registrar in the fight for a clean voting process. I’m a proud union member and have pressed union leadership to divest in coal & fossil fuel investment in their pension plans. I have also been an active member of over 10 of the CA Dem Party caucuses Ð including Veterans Caucus, which elected an entirely new board (and fought for legislative changes for Green Card Soldiers this year – WooHoo!). I have also testified about our AD51 issues in the Rules, Legislative and Finance Committees and have had a platform addendum accepted into the Women’s Platform. The ‘inner workings of the state party are no longer a mystery and the progressive ideals of our district are on the rise there.

As I said 2 years ago Ð I want to serve, not in an adversarial way, but as a constant reminder of what this district stands for. The party is getting stronger as they embrace more of these progressive ideals Ð and I am steadfast!

Thank you in advance for your support –

Social Worker, Activist

I am humbled and excited about the opportunity to represent AD51, particularly unincorporated East Los Angeles. It’s a community that I grew up in and it’s a community that my children live in. It has been overlooked for far too long and it’s a community with unique problems that are not addressed by our elected representatives.

As a social worker, my dream was to come back to my community and add value through addressing everyday problems. It’s for this reason that affordable housing, homelessness, and a single-payer healthcare system are issues that I continue to advocate for.

I believe that our elected officials have not always put people first and have allowed big business to dictate what happens in our community. It’s for this reason that I believe we need new leadership within our party and in our community. We need candidates that will always put the betterment of the people in the community above special interests.

Gavin Pierce(they/them) 

Environmental Activist,
Highland Park Neighborhood Council, DSA LA

The fight for social, economic, and environmental justice has to be taken to the next level as we face the rapidly expanding issues of the world today. Communities have made this need clear, and now it’s time for the Democratic Party to follow their lead.

As a young genderqueer activist, I believe it’s my responsibility to promote progressive values on all fronts. My pursuit of this goal so far has taken me through efforts such as organizing the LA March For Our Lives, working with the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign, and serving as a board member for the Highland Park Neighborhood Council.

Now I’m seeking to take this strive toward change to the democratic party, with the goal of promoting the issues people care most about.

The first action that I hope to see the party take is the establishment of a statewide green new deal. We have to strengthen our efforts in fighting climate change, and through my work with the Sunrise Movement, I have seen the green new deal gain sweeping support from elected officials and citizens alike. It’s the bold and effective solution we need.

An other crucial step that must be prioritized is a commitment to abolish ICE, and to promote comprehensive immigration justice. While spending my Summer with Occupy ICE LA, I spoke with families and individuals whose loved ones had been directly impacted by the ways in which ICE problematically operates. These people are owed the dignity and justice they deserve.

Lastly, CA Dems should swiftly endorse free tuition for California’s public campuses alongside an expansion of student debt relief for graduates. Ultimately, education is a right that has become priced as a privilege. To put this belief in action, I worked to help pass AB19, a stepping stone to free education. Now fellow students are working toward the next victory in education. Let’s give them our support.

The future can be as bright as we’d like to make it. All we have to do is move in the right direction. The world is at a crossroads, but with a commitment to community, justice, and creative new thinking, a bold vision can be established, and hope restored.

#Youth #Vision #Future

Ezra Pugh (he/him)

Small Business Owner, Student

Hello! My name is Ezra Pugh I was born and grew up here in LA in Atwater Village. I am a progressive and a small business owner. I have a small sewing business with my mother, and our shop is in DTLA. We help designers and costumers translate their sketches into reality. I am also an MBA student in my last semester at Cal State LA. The only time I have lived outside of LA is when I went to college in New York City at the New School, studying economics there. I am also an active DSA LA member, working in committees tasked with interfacing with electoral politics and activating and organizing membership.

I think my experience is somewhat unique because my elementary school was LAUSD, my middle school was in South Pasadena’s school district, and for high school I went to an exclusive private school where my father is a teacher. Because of this I am familiar with many different parts of town and the desires and concerns of people with vastly different backgrounds and experience.

I have lived in AD51 for 5 years and have family in different neighborhoods of the district. I think a lot of people do not feel like they have a voice in city or state politics. I would love to help further activate our neighborhoods by providing a voice for their concerns to the state Democratic party, which can feel extremely distant from folks’ everyday lives. There is broad support among everyone I talk to for progressive legislation like Medicare for All, acting on climate change, and helping workers, but oftentimes the party has moved too slowly on these matters. Hopefully we can help push it further!

Rob Quan (he/him)

Campaign Finance Reform Advocate, ICE out of LA, Founder of Unrig LA

I’m driven by the belief that it is out of the many, not the moneyed, that we are one.

In 2008 I left Los Angeles to join the Obama campaign in Las Vegas as an organizing fellow, where I worked my way onto the campaign as a Field Organizer. Afterwards, I worked on a few local and congressional races in Los Angeles, but found it hard to find candidates worth electing, even harder to get them elected, and then seeing the forces they are up against in office. I grew disillusioned with our Democratic Party leaders as they overlooked a growing national security state, shunned the public option during health care reform, and failed to address income inequality.

Between Bernie Sanders’ candidacy, and Donald Trump’s election I found the hope and motivation necessary to dive back into politics.

Over the last two years I’ve worked with a number of local immigration coalitions to successfully push for the creation of the LA Justice Fund (providing attorneys for immigrants facing deportation), drastically expanding the LA County Public Defender’s immigration unit, and getting the first updates to LAPD’s immigration policies in over 40 years.

After Justice Kennedy retired from the Supreme Court I turned my focus to campaign finance reform. I helped found and organize the Unrig LA Coalition. Over the last six months we were able to move a package of reforms through the Ethics Commission and LA City Council. City Council passed these reforms in December, expanding the public financing available to local candidates for the first time in nearly 30 years and empowering small donors by matching contributions at a 6 to 1 rate.

The elected wing of the party has a unique obligation to represent the many, and just not the wealthy and well connected who already dominate our political system. Elections matter, but the 364 days outside of election day matter just as much. They matter even more for those seeking real, progressive, and systemic change. Thank you for being a part of that process.

Shiitake (he/them)

Slate Mascot

I’m an adopted American born Central Australian bearded dragon, and I support justice for humanity. Being disabled and half blind, I understand the struggles of non-able bodied beings. I wish to build a better world with the help of human kindness, and that is why I stand with the People’s Action slate.