People’s Action Platform

Housing & Renters Rights:

Our communities need affordable housing now!  We need to prioritize preserving and expanding rent-controlled housing, build housing that is truly affordable, create public housing and land trusts to keep housing affordable, and to house the growing number of homeless members of our communities. By repealing Costa Hawkins and the Ellis Act, we can stop evictions without cause, protect residents from displacement, and prevent unreasonable rent increases. Protecting renters will help prevent homelessness.  

Healthcare Reform:

Healthcare is a right. We believe in Medicare for All/single-payer healthcare.


We must abolish ICE, stop separating families, and make DACA recipients permanent.


We need to increase funding to public schools K-12, provide free higher education for all, and universal pre-k education.


The time for the Green New Deal is now!  We must fight environmental racism – we all deserve clean air, water, and soil.

War & Peace:  

At home, and abroad, we believe in peaceful solutions. We support diplomacy over the use of military force.

Discrimination & Harassment:

We must stand with survivors and stop sexual assault, sexual harassment and bullying. We stand against discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, heritage, and sexual orientation.

Labor Equity & Equality:  

The wealthy and corporations must fund low income services and infrastructure. We should never have a gender pay gap, and demand a living wage for all.

Justice System Reform:  

We must end the for-profit prison system, the school-to-prison pipeline, and hold law enforcement accountable for all their decisions, especially those that end lives.

Campaign Finance Reform:  

We must stop the corrupting influence of money in politics. Publicly funded elections is a way forward.

Election Reform:  

We insist that Election day become a holiday, and believe in same day registration. Our election systems need to be open source, publicly owned, secure, and verifiable by the public. Our voting centers must be transparent and accountable.


We support a Public Bank.  A public bank is a municipal bank operated for and by the City.  It would remove city money from predatory Wall Street banks, circulate City revenue back into our local economy to finance things Angelenos need like affordable housing, green energy and small business loans.  A public or municipal bank would double our investment power, extend credit lines to smaller banks to serve the needs of unbanked populations and create low interest loans for ordinary people.

Political Reform:

Curtail money in politics. Let’s publicly fund elections. Reform the Democratic Party to make it more transparent, accountable and less rigged.

Gender Diversity:

We must address and combat the prevalence of hate crime against people within the LGBTQ community. This requires a joint effort between policy, public education and communal inclusion.